Koningslaan 35 was built just before World War I. It was originally three interlinked townhouses, built as a single unit in 1913 in the so-called traditionalism style. At the time, the architects Gerrit Jan Rutgers and Jacques Roosing Jr. drew on older building styles in reaction to the modernism of the New Objectivity movement.

'The main principle of this design was to restore the harmony and to get rid of the closed character, and allow the building to blend in with it’s direct surroundings by restoring the original entrances.'

Bart Kwant

Rappange & Partners Architects

To realise this transformation, the architects from the Amsterdam-based Rappange agency designed a new shape for the roof. The new roof restores the building’s proportions, making it look sleeker and more elegant. The interior of the building will be stripped and refurbished, including new foundations, a basement running under the whole of the ground floor, and concrete floors. The building will comply with modern requirements for comfort and energy efficiency.

This is reflected in the use of HR++ glass, internally insulated extra-thick walls, and the insulated roof. Additionally, each residence is equipped with its own heatpump connected to a communal source in the ground. Considerable attention has been dedicated to providing a comfortable indoor climate in the homes. During the winter, the houses are pleasantly warm with underfloor heating and a gasfireplace for ambiance. In the summer, a well-designed cooling system with floor cooling, supplemented by fan coil units, keeps the interior cool.


The Rutgers style is characterised by subtle details such as sculptures, decorative brickwork, mosaic tiles with gold leaf, and natural stone. These features will be restored to bring out the original details. After the renovation, the stately allure of the building will enhance the beauty of the location.

Kees Kemp

Estate Agent at Broersma Wonen



Are you interested in one of the apartments? We would be happy to show you what living in Kings/Lane will be like after the transformation. Framework has created a floor plan and a fully developed finishing plan for each residence. At Kings/Lane, it is also possible to have a design for the layout and finishing created to your specifications. We call this 'design your own.' You would purchase the property based on the structural construction.


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