Framework, a leading Amsterdam interior architect and design studio, designed the main entrance, and drew the floor plans for the six apartments that can be adapted in consultation. The studio is renowned for its contemporary detailing and choice of materials. In addition to the floor plans, Framework made a high-end design for the overall finish with a custom-made kitchen, stylish sanitary, wall and floor finished and a gas fireplace.

What makes Kings/Lane so special?

Francesca: ‘Kings/Lane with the vast expanses of floor space was challenging. We wanted to find balance in the floor plans and create an atmosphere that complemented the building.’

Thomas: ‘The building will regain its former allure. It oozes history. We want to amaze the future owners with features that are both fitting and timeless. Personally, I’ve really fallen for the high ceilings.’

What is your creative vision on the interior design?

Thomas: ‘The dialogue between historical buildings, contemporary interior design, and technological innovation falls into place here. We call the design vision we used for Kings/Lane “The Amsterdam School Reinvented”. The details are sober, yet complex. It’s how

Can you tell us more about the layout you designed for the new apartments?

Thomas: ‘The floor plans are based on lines of sight and the human dimension. The rooms will have a homely atmosphere, not like an office or a showroom.’

Francesca: ‘We design homes that serve as an intimate place for two people and for larger groups. The dimensions and sight lines are hugely important in this respect.’

Can you tell us something about the materials and colours used in Kings/Lane?

Francesca: ‘We chose pure materials for the design, such as light oak and white travertine. Neutral shades are timeless and provide a solid basis for a whole range of interior styles. Future occupants will be able to choose a more eclectic style, or a minimalist interior. Anything goes.’

'The building will regain its allure. It oozes history. We want to amaze the people who live here with features that are both fitting and timeless'

Thomas Geerlings

Founder and designer at Framework


Although the renovation has not yet started, the artist's impressions, floor plans, and materials give you a good impression of what it will be like to live in Kings/Lane. Do you have any questions? Send an e-mail to or contact us via 020-3059788.

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