Kings/Lane offers the freedom to create a home that perfectly aligns with your desires. It is possible to have a completely customized layout design realized. For those seeking the convenience of a turn-key concept, Framework, a renowned Amsterdam-based design studio, has created a well-thought-out floor plan for each of the six residences. In addition to the layout, Framework has designed a high-end finish with a kitchen, stylish sanitary facilities, wall and floor finishes, and a gas fireplace.

Francesca: "Kings/Lane challenged us to make the most of the fantastic space in each residence. We aimed for balance in the floor plans and a ambiance that complements the building.”

Thomas: “The building is regaining its original grandeur. It exudes history. Personally, I fell in love with the high ceilings. The design vision we applied to Kings/Lane is called The Amsterdam School Reinvented.

The detailing is simple yet intricate. The interior establishes a connection with the exterior. The floor plans have sightlines and human scale as their starting point.

The spaces feel like a home rather than an office or showroom. In the design, we opted for pure materials such as light oak and bianco travertine. The neutral tones are timeless and provide a solid foundation for various interior styles. Future residents can choose between more eclectic or minimalist interior styles. It all fits."


Are you interested in one of the apartments? We would be happy to show you what living in Kings/Lane will be like after the transformation. Framework has created a floor plan and a fully developed finishing plan for each residence. At Kings/Lane, it is also possible to have a design for the layout and finishing created to your specifications. We call this 'design your own.' You would purchase the property based on the structural construction.

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